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I. Summary

In June 2016 at Rocklin Academy Gateway a kindergarten teacher read two books promoting transgenderism which were brought in by a student who was “transitioning.” The student then changed from his boy clothing into female clothing and was reintroduced as a girl and students were instructed to call him by his new girl name. All of this was done without notifying parents. Parents have a right to know when controversial, age-sensitive material is discussed with their children. We are working to put forth a policy that will protect that right.

II. Resources

Model Parental Rights in Child’s Education Policy (Policy that has been proposed)

ADF Legal Memo Supporting Policy: Privacy, Parental Notification, and Free Speech in California Public Schools


III. Next Steps

Attend the school board meeting

When: Monday, September 18th 
4:30pm (public session begins at 6pm)

Where: Rocklin Event Center Ballroom
2650 Sunset Blvd., Rocklin, CA 95677

Sign this petition in support of parental rights

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